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Forget back and neck pain, reduce the risk of
serious health problems from sitting all day.

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Sitting for too long is dangerous for your health.

Sitting for a longer period of time has not only been linked to diabetes and heart disease but is also one of the major factors that cause cancer. Not to mention that it's really bad for your back. 

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But there's something you can
do right now to prevent this.

I'm not talking about riding your bike or going swimming after 8 hours sitting marathon. That won’t repair the damage done during the sitting period. Two simple steps each day.

Quick breaks

Did you know that quick 1 minute breaks during the day can stimulate your blood circulation, boost your productivity and creativity?

Simple exercises

It's important to stretch and exercise a couple times during the day. A simple and proactive step to stay healthy and fit.


Curie is a personal trainer that will coach you to sit better. It's not about sitting straight all day but taking quick breaks and simple exercises.

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Feel the benefits in a couple of days.

Reduce back pain

Being more active during the day and doing specific exercises will help you reduce or even get rid the pain. 

Get more productive

Curie breaks are aligned with breaks suggested by the Pomodoro technique. Split your tasks into smaller chunks and do something for your health in between.

Feel more energized 

Having a foggy brain? Cannot function without a coffee? Steps introduce by Curie will help you get more productive and creative without supplements.

Minimize important health risks

Staying active during the day has not only a short time benefit. It helps you avoid serious health problems in the long run. 

Curie runs in the background, so you can focus on your work.

Our Chrome extension is a core part of Curie. It helps you in so many ways to be more focused, healthy and happy during the day.  

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Great features. 

More than 50 exercises

Our physiotherapist selected the best exercises to keep you healthy.

Break and exercise reminders

We now that notifications can suck, so you can edit them to your preferences or totally disable them.

Personalized to your needs

It's important to us that you can tailor Curie to your needs. We know that will help you a lot with getting started with changing your habits. 

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Curie is packed with amazing features that will help you stay healthy at work.

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