We are on a mission.

We see a lack of awareness especially among young people about the dangers of sitting for too long. That was also the main reason why we came up with the idea for Curie. Mariusz was sitting the whole day at his job, and after that, he was working on his startups. This lead to serious back issues, without ever knowing what the consequences are and being ever since a healthy and fit guy.

Curie wants to help you prevent any health issues by being proactive and more aware of the health risks.


Mateusz Wilczyński

Lead Developer

Mateusz is passioned about real life solutions that can make a difference. Currently studying computer science and working as a RoR Developer w Exlabs Software Ltd 


Mariusz Szyma


Product Manager at Future Processing. Previously worked for Pilot (YC W17). Constant learner. Creates products that solve real life problems.  

Make your first step to a healthy life.