Small steps each day to get more productive and healthy.

Rome was not built in one day and the same goes for your health. Take one step at a time with Curie.

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Great features to help you achieve your goals. 

I wouldn’t do push-ups in the office, would you? Right, that’s why we’ve personalized exercises to your working environment. 

Break and exercise reminders

We now that notifications can suck, so you can edit them to your preferences or totally disable them.

50 simple exercises

Our physiotherapist selected the best exercises to keep you healthy.

Personalized to your needs

It's important to us that you can tailor Curie to your needs. We know that will help you a lot with getting started with changing your habits.

Automatic work start 

You don't need to remember to turn Curie on as it's automatically starting work when you are. The same goes for breaks.

Add your health issues

Already having cervical discopathy or coronary heart disease? Add those to Curie and we will disable exercises that can worsen your health.

Home office or open space

Quickly change your working environment settings and disable exercises which you wouldn't do in the office. 

Set break goals

It's hard to do regular breaks, especially at the beginning. Set fewer breaks at first then gradually increase them.

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